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Debunking five myths about nuns

Not all women religious are the same—and not everything people believe about them is the truth. Here are some popular beliefs about sisters that need a closer look.

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Image: Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans, 1899, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

As Black History Month draws to a close, here’s a guest blog post celebrating unsung black Catholic women in U.S. history.

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The baptism of Jesus was more than just a symbolic swim.

Why did he need to be baptized?

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Image: Flickr photo cc by Art History Images (Holly Hayes)


"Opportunities for spiritual growth—even contemplation—can occur almost anywhere, at any time. St. Ignatius of Loyola speaks about finding God in all things. The 17th-century spiritual writer Brother Lawrence found the “presence of God” even as he ordered provisions for his monastery. I was surprised to find such an opportunity in the simple task of washing dishes. For me, doing the nightly dishes, like praying the liturgy of the hours or spiritual reading, has become—in Ignatius’ words—a spiritual exercise, a spiritual practice."


What do the parishioners love most about St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Ruston, Louisiana?

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Better Know A Parish: St. Thomas Aquinas, Ruston, Louisiana


"I invite all of the institutions of the world, the church, each of us, as one single human family, to give a voice to all those who suffer silently from hunger, so that this voice becomes a roar which can shake the world."


Pope Francis, in a video statement to launch a campaign to stop world hunger.

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Image: RNS_PaulHaring_CatholicNewsService

Pope Francis has been rumored to sneak out of the Vatican at night to help the poor in Rome. This leads to the only logical conclusion. He’s Batman.
Late-night joker Stephen Colbert connects the dots.

Something to chew on: How cooking can create community

The famous food author Michael Pollan insists there’s much to be gained from sitting around the table and sharing a home-cooked meal. “We’re consuming food carelessly with no sense of ceremony, no sense of community,” he says. “We’re eating alone. Twenty percent of food in America is eaten in the car. That’s not really eating. That’s mindlessly fueling yourself.”



88 percent of those surveyed agreed that couples today put too much emphasis on their wedding day rather than preparing for a long, healthy marriage. See the results on what U.S. Catholic readers thought about destination weddings at

Say bon voyage to destination weddings


Who says that all the top positions in the church need to go to priests and bishops?

Even Pope Francis, while he has dismissed the possibility of women’s ordination, acknowledged in his September interview in the Jesuit magazine America that our challenge today is “to think about the specific place of women also in those places where the authority of the church is exercised….”

—Bryan Cones, “Finding leadership roles for women in the church,” U.S. Catholic